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Products  (CRC) Composite Repair Clamp 

Products ، (CRC) Composite Repair Clamp

(CRC) operating principle consists in compensation of pipeline internal pressure by means of  external contact pressurization at a significant bolt joints torque value (up to 700 Nm). 

This provides an  opportunity to mount sleeve at operating pressure with a guaranteed quality unlike the sleeves installed  without prior creating the pressure.




    • Major Repair
    • No Pressure Releasing
    • No Hot Work
    • Easy Installation
    • Small Scope of Earthwork
    • No use of Heavy Machinery
    • Cost-Effective
    • Chemical and Corrosion Resistant
    • (CRC) is operable at  temperatures from -60˚С to +200 С ˚
    • It is possible to manufacture sleeves operable  at temperatures up to +400 С˚
    • (CRC) is successfully used to  repair underwater offshore pipelines.

    • In most cases, installing (CRC) is an alternative to the spool  cut.