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Technologies & Services  Robotic Tanks Cleaning 

Technologies & Services ، Robotic Tanks Cleaning


Robotic Tanks Cleaning and Sludge Treatment

The robotic technology is based on the principle that tanks are cleaned not by people, but rather by robotic devices equipped with a video surveillance and lighting system, a pump-out device and a cleaning agent feeding device.


Oil sludge's generated in the course of oil tank cleaning are categorized as Hazard Class 3 and must be disposed off. The volume of such oil sludge, including the intermediate layer, may be up to one third of the tank volume and, in terms of the whole tank farm can be estimated at tens of thousands of tons.
All the mechanical and electric components are explosion proof for zone Zero.
All units and robots are certified by:
US: IEX (EX) CB or European: ATEX(EX) NB

Bottom Sediment Processing (Phase Separation) 

Module The basic configuration consists of a set of equipment and devices (vessels, dehydrator, pumps, mixers, screw conveyors, diesel power station, banding materials and instrumentation system, lighting and ventilation system). All equipment is located on a chassis in a special, winterized 40-foot sea container.