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Technologies & Services ، Inline Inspection

Inline Inspection- Intelligent Pigging for Oil and Gas Pipelines 

Magnetic in-line inspection tools of MFL and TFI types enable to detect defects of any orientation on the inner pipeline surface as well as pipeline geometry defects.  High resolution MFL and TFI tools are used to record and measure longitudinal and transverse magnetic flux leakage signals caused by pipe wall imperfections. They are destined to detect, locate and assess sizes of all defects of Transverse and longitudinal orientation, including general corrosion, girth weld anomalies, pitting, stress corrosion cracking defects, longitudinal cracks, longitudinal weld seam defects, pipeline design elements, etc.


                                                               (MFL+ and TFI tools of available from diameters 6” – 56”) 

List of detectable pipeline defects

   Pipeline geometry defects (dents, gouges, bulges, ovalities, etc.)

    Metal loss defects (general corrosion, pitting corrosion, mechanical damages)

    Lamination (including mid-wall lamination)

    stress corrosion cracks, cracks in weld seams

    Pipeline design elements (valves, tees, casings, ground anchors, etc.)

    Marker straps, electronic & magnetic markers

    Metallic subjects adjacent or close to pipeline

    Metallurgical defects (pipe roll imperfections, etc.)


                                                     (Stress Corrosion Cracks and General Corrosion found by MFL+ and TFI)