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Technologies & Services  Unpiggable pipelines 

Technologies & Services ، Unpiggable pipelines


Inline Inspection- Unpiggable pipelines

Utilizing a fleet of self-propelled ILI tools equipped with a combination of high-accuracy sensors performing comprehensive pipeline examinations in a single run, measuring wall loss, dents, corrosion, stress corrosion cracking (SCC), pipe mill defects, girth weld defects and more.  Fleet of robotic ILI tools inspect pipelines ranging from 8” to 56” in diameter. The tools are self-propelled and drive for inspection in unpiggable lines with 90 degree vertical lines.

Ex-proof robotic crawlers equipped with one or more NDE technologies inspects: Tank connection lines, Petroleum pipe stations piping, Gas compressor stations piping, Unpiggable pipelines and Urban gas Pipelines.