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Technologies & Services  RBI- Risk Based Inspection 

Technologies & Services ، RBI- Risk Based Inspection

RBI- Risk Based Inspection 

Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) is a process that identifies, assesses and maps industrial risks (due to corrosion and stress cracking), which can compromise equipment integrity in both pressurized equipment and structural elements. 
RBI addresses risks that can be controlled through proper inspections and analysis. During the RBI process, engineers design inspection strategies (what, when, how to inspect) that most efficiently match forecasted or observed degradation mechanisms.


Risk-based inspection is a means of using inspection resources more cost-effectively and with confidence. The method ensures that you are complying with current safety regulations and also enables you to make inspection decisions informed by greater information and expertise, thereby saving time and money.
Plant operators face an increasingly complex challenge when managing the integrity of assets: to achieve operational excellence and maximum asset performance while minimizing costs and maintaining the highest safety and environmental standards.
Risk-based inspection principles offer an established methodology for efficient plant maintenance and, with our expertise and specialized software, we can work with you to develop cost-effective management solutions.