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THUNDER Technology on Oil Production Wells

The Impulse High Frequency Thermo Acoustic Stimulation Method, an Ultimate Solution to Clean Asphaltene and Other impurities from Oil Wells and Pipelines.

Impulse high-frequency action technologies are implemented in order to:

  • Speed up and reduce the cost of work on restoration of circulation and resuscitation of the wells with blind plugs;
  • Develop or further develop the wells in the event of deposits in well bore zone;  
  • Facilitate and improve safety of repairs in case of excessive loads on lifting gears due to stuck pipe string associated with sediments in the annulus; 
  • Solve the issue of withdrawal of wells with sucker rod pumps from dormant fund, for which it is impossible or unacceptable to use of coiled tubing technology due to possible sticking of coiled tubing in the annulus;
  • Reduce interoperation and overhaul periods with cyclic or continuous use of IHFTA system.