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Petro Borhan Bina

Pipeline Repair and Services

Intelligent Pigging for Oil and Gas Pipeline 


  Thunder Technology 

The Impulse High Frequency Thermo Acoustic Stimulation Method, an Ultimate Solution to Clean Asphaltene and Other impurities from Oil Wells and Pipelines.

 The innovated generators “Tornado” is a technology of powerful downhole elastic waves emitters, which has been designed to recover near-wellbore damage and to boost productivity of producing and injection wells. Due to intensive treatment of the bottom hole zone by elastic waves emitted in a range of 10-300 Hz, the generators “Tornado” effectively remove near-wellbore skin and significantly increase near-wellbore formation permeability.


 Pigs and related Equipment

PBB as the official / exclusive representative of internationally well-known manufacturers is in position of supplying the standard diagnostic calibrating, brush, magnetic pigs from 4 to 56 inches in size. 

 Robotic Tanks Cleaning and Sludge Treatment

The robotic technology is based on the principle that tanks are cleaned not by people, but rather by robotic devices equipped with a video surveillance and lighting system, a pump-out device and a cleaning agent feeding device.


 Pipeline Coatings

 We supply the high quality External Liquid           Polyurethane Coating for Rehabilitation and Repair of   Buried Steel Pipelines, coating of Field joints, Buried   Steel piping and new Coating of valves, Fittings and                                                                other piping components.


Intelligent Pigging for Oil and Gas Pipeline 

Magnetic in-line inspection tools of MFL and TFI types enable to detect defects of any orientation on the inner pipeline surface as well as pipeline geometry defects.